Casala Furniture

Casala specialise in furniture with is both beautiful by design yet incredibly practical. The perfect combination of design and functionality. The famously popular Casala Curvy Chair is a prime example. Beautiful in its design simplicity, surprisingly comfortable, extremely flexible with linking options, arms, writing tablets, book racks or holders, row spacers and stackable up to 45 high on a trolley.

The Temo Table is another popular choice which likes to conceal the wide range of possibilities. Temo is an incredibly stylish conference table yet goes further and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From conference table to fliptop table and from high table to coffee table.  The choice of finish offers a selection of colours and veneers including the remarkable Fenix Laminate.

We supply the entire Casala Range for Office, Hospitality and Home. Here are some of our favourites...

Casala Curvy Chair

Casala Temo Table

Casala Feniks Chair

Casala Lacrosse Table

Casala Axa Folding Chair

Casala Casalino Chair

Casala Centuro VI Chair

Casala Blender Table

Casala Carver Chair

Casala Cello Chair

Casala Cooper Chair

Casala Temo Flip Top Table

Casala Cobra Chair

Casala Centre Table

Casala Caliber Chair

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