Orangebox Furniture

With a focus on collaboration and smart, flexible working, Orangebox are often leading the way in new design to change the workspace. Their pedigree was in Task Chairs with the famous "Do" chair leading the way in design, comfort, style and ergonomics. However, they saw a gap in the collaborative and flexible working arena and have brought some incredible products into the marketplace. They continue to innovate and lead the way.

We supply the entire Orangebox Range for Office, Hospitality and Home...

Orangebox Aden

Orangebox Air3

Orangebox Airea

Orangebox Ara

Orangebox Arber

Orangebox Avi

Orangebox Away From The Desk

Orangebox Bae

Orangebox Bay

Orangebox Bligh and Fletcher

Orangebox Bloom

Orangebox Boom

Orangebox Border

Orangebox Boundary

Orangebox Breaker

Orangebox Calder

Orangebox Convo

Orangebox Coppice

Orangebox Boundary

Orangebox Coze

Orangebox Cubb Tables

Orangebox Cubb

Orangebox Cwtch

Orangebox Dench

Orangebox Do

Orangebox Dune

Orangebox Elan

Orangebox Eva

Orangebox Fielding Worktables

Orangebox Flex

Orangebox Flo

Orangebox G64 Meeting

Orangebox G64

Orangebox Go

Orangebox Hay

Orangebox Hench

Orangebox Hep

Orangebox IMO

Orangebox Java

Orangebox Joy Meeting

Orangebox Joy

Orangebox Lano

Orangebox Library

Orangebox Lismore

Orangebox Lock Bar

Orangebox On Your Jays

Orangebox Orly

Orangebox Pars Credenzas

Orangebox Pars

Orangebox Peak

Orangebox Peeps

Orangebox Perimeter

Orangebox Ramsey

Orangebox Reef

Orangebox Seren Meeting

Orangebox Seren

Orangebox Skeen

Orangebox Skomer

Orangebox Spira Plus

Orangebox Spring

Orangebox Sully

Orangebox Tide

Orangebox Tope

Orangebox Vale

Orangebox Vari

Orangebox Workday

Orangebox X10

Orangebox Yawl

Orangebox Yolo

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